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Evergreen Rabbit Control was recently contracted in to remove both rabbits and deer from areas suffering from substantial tree damage . A notable population of both species had targeted Saplings to a degree where it could no longer be tolerated and action had to be taken to avoid loss of such slow growing plants .




We worked both day and night to remove the rabbits with an assortment of methods in what seemed like arctic conditions! As part of our normal eradication process we used trained dogs to locate rabbits and then flushed such rabbits into nets with the aid of ferrets . when we completed this task and had worked methodically across each rabbit fenced site we then used hand held thermal equipment with firearms to locate and remove any other rabbits


in combination with this we are now using our thermal drone frequently and it is proving a very useful tool for finding wildlife especially in difficult areas to work such as these sites. This System saves us a lot of time searching in the wrong areas and highlights animals quickly from a view point that is seldom hindered by contours in land or obstacles . This allows us to act accordingly and show accurately numbers of almost any species .

Roe deer had also become problematic to the plantations and we was also asked if we could remove those with in or close to the area to stop damage . Our trained team carried this out from a series of fixed and mobile high seats as well as from on foot .

We ended with over a hundred rabbits and all were used constructively for animal or human consumption . The 8 roe deer we removed were put to good use by our friends at

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