Rabbit control in the Hebrides 

The isle of Canna is situated in the inner Hebrides and a place that suffered from a sever rabbit infestation . The problem became so bad that the island started to erode threw the amount of burrowing  and grazing . In 2104 evergreen rabbit control won the contract to carry out the required works to reduce the rabbit problem.

We carried out an intensive 3 month cull utilising a variety of control methods until we got the required results. The cull was a great success and as part of the long term solution in preventing the problem we have a member of the team resident on the island.His role is to ensure the remaining rabbits dont increase and keep damage to a minimum. Although possible, Eradication is not required due to the clients instructions to leave a population of rabbits for the local sea eagles.

The daily work of the resident rabbit catcher is mainly ferreting with the aid of nets and the use of dogs to locate the rabbits. Monitoring Dropbox traps and the miles of rabbit fencing that criss cross the island is also with in his role. Lamping with both a dog and rifle help keep numbers in check in places tricky to control via other means.

Since the work commenced the island has flourished . The grazing is more productive for the sheep farming and much of the island has an abundance of plant life now. Each year sees more smaller birds of prey due to the better habitats for their prey . Corrosion to archaeological sites is now limited and the hordes of rabbits are now not noted around every corner.

still counting….

To date over 210000 rabbits have been removed from the island , all of which have been used for either human or animal consumption and It is said to be the biggest cull of its kind in the UK.


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